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Treated Silk

Our Mission

At Dee-Pigment & Skin Clinic, our mission is to empower our clients to achieve their skin goals through education, trust, and honesty. We believe that the foundation of any successful skin journey is built upon these values. Our commitment to providing support at every step ensures that our clients feel confident and secure in their decision to trust us with their skin. We strive to provide exceptional care, service, and results.  




My passion for this industry started when I was teenager suffering from cystic acne. I struggled to find the right skincare products and treatments for my skin condition. I would often end up with products that would further irritate my skin to the point of it physically cracking. Whilst I had tried to seek help through means of treatments and products, I never truly was educated about what my skin actually needed. It was this experience that made me want to become the skin aesthetician that I am today. The skin aesthetician I needed when I was going through my skin journey.

By combining my qualifications, experience, and dedication to patient well-being, I strive to provide exceptional skincare services to the community of Brisbane. As the owner of this skin clinic, I am committed to helping individuals achieve healthier, more radiant skin through effective treatments and personalised care.

Industry Experience

Having managed and worked in leading skin clinics, boutiques, and body contouring clinics, I have gained the knowledge and understanding in treating a range of skin conditions and skin types. My mission is to educate my clients so they can better understand their skin but also know how to maintain their skin, even after we have reached their skin goals. 

Qualifications | Work Experience

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